Maula Jutt 2, What’s This Hullaballoo?

It seems nobody asked Noori Nat!

Achanak, old Sarwar Bhatti jaag gaye! It’s been years since Lashari had announced his film, Maula Jutt. Now, suddenly, Bhatti sahab felt he owned the title, and somebody should have asked for his consent. For him, it is Dair aayed durust aayed.

Well, most alarming is the way he warned the four main artistes of the film to leave the unit before he slams the producer with a notice. Yeah, don’t be caught napping, he says.

I just can’t understand as to what was Nasir Adeeb doing until now? He is supposed to be a friend of Sarwar Bhatti, whose Bahu Films he has worked with for a long time. He should have taken care of this little legal detail. But, since the film took a long while in the making, Bhatti sahab probably thought it would not see the light of day. So, he took his sweet time. Now, of course, he is getting twitchy!

Kaheen Noori Nat kee rooh Bhatti sahab mein to naheen aa gaee?