I am in my mid-20’s. Which foods should I take or avoid to look young and being active?

Start with your lifestyle. Sleep well and stay hydrated. Take your meals on time. Strength train 150 minutes per week. Eat enough protein and antioxidant rich foods to ensure adequate formation of collagen; a protein responsible to promote skin elasticity. Avoid processed foods and trans-fat. Include good fat, vitamin C rich foods and complex carbohydrates in your diet.

How should I proportion my various meat intakes in a week?

You can have three to four servings of meat a week; each serving is approximately three to four ounces. Always choose lean cuts and avoid processed meat. Always grill, bake, steam, or barbeque the meat instead of deep frying it. Avoid taking milk and calcium rich foods with meat.

I’ve been living off eggs recently. How many eggs can I have in a day?

Egg belongs to the meat section of the food pyramid and two to three servings per day are recommended from this food group. So, between one to three eggs in a day are fine.

I need to reduce my portion sizes but I get hungry. Is there a natural way to suppress or reduce hunger?

Eat after every two hours and include fiber rich foods in your diet. A little fiber goes a long way and keeps you full. This way you can reduce your portions easily.

What are some snacks that I can have at work that don’t make me sleepy?

You can take black/milk coffee/tea, fruits, fresh juices, chicken sandwich, and handful of nuts or eggs as snacks at work. •