I am a law student but I am working as a full-time writer. How can use my law degree in a writing career?

If you enjoy writing, then you should pursue journalism. A lot of journalists are law graduates.

How do I use social media to grow my professional network?

Social media platform can be used to grow your business by putting up your work, marketing your business and sensitising the public about your product.

I'm in the final year of my bachelors program and I have to pick a major. Is it okay if I don’t know what I want to major in yet?

It’s okay to not know your major but it’s time you start figuring out what you want to take up as a major. Try doing internships and voluntary work to see what interests you.

Let’s say my potential career doesn't work out, is it too late to start college for my “plan b” career?

It’s never too late to study or get a degree. If you think you want to switch your career and start all over again, why not? Age and timeline are social constructs; once you graduate your degree will hold a lot more worth.

What marketing certifications will help me boost my credibility?

If you’ve already studied marketing then your degree will speak for itself but along with a degree your internships will make you stand out. So even if it’s an unpaid internship, you should do it because it will reflect on your experience in the field.

I am doing LL. B part 2 but I want to do MS. C criminology. Is it better for me or not please guide me.

If criminology is something you enjoy and want to pursue in the future then you should consider switching to criminology.