Saba Qamar is Something Else

Pick one? Then, I’d say it’s Saba Qamar for me – the best actress on the channels these days.

When I went to watch the Indian film she starred in, Hindi Medium, I was stunned to see that she was as confident and bright as she is in the Pakistani serials; in fact, even more so. Probably, she hit it off immediately with Irrfan Khan.

Well, Irrfan, when he saw her work alongside him, typically said, “Too cheeti hai! Too bohot aagey jaeygee!”

Anybody who saw Saba’s work in Maat or Besharam knows how talented she is. But, she was at her best in Digest Writer. Currently, she is playing a bold persona in Baghi, which shows she can tackle different roles well.

Last week, at a recent style awards show in Karachi, Saba’s quote reverberated throughout the internet. “My Hindi Medium did 100 crores of business, while Fawad Khan’s Khoobsurat did 45 crores. His film is considered important, but hum ko kuch samjha hee naheen ja raha!”

Saba Qamar also performed a good parody of Mahira Khan at the show.



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