This cat robot is the only pet you need

It's soft, responsive, and will never scratch you. It's also a robot. Qoobo, unveiled by Yukai Engineering Co., Ltd. at the CEATAC trade show in Japan, is only marginally a cat. Its wagging feline tail is attached to a 2-pound ball of fur. There's no purring face, no head or whiskers, no legs, feet, or claws.

The plush toy rests in your lap and responds when you pet it. Different types of strokes or pats will generate different tail wags and haptic responses. In addition to the tail movement, the round, cushion body can deliver a vibration response.

Unlike a real cat where you have to intuit what its tail movements might mean, this tail is all positive vibes. Theoretically, the more you stroke Qoobo the more it responds, the better you feel.

"In development, we stuck to the good feeling of weight, size feeling and pleasant feeling when stroking when putting on and lifting on the knee. In addition, we have studied the actual tail and developed mechanisms and programs to reproduce the movement," the company said in a statement.

Qoobo is roughly a foot in diameter and comes in Husky Gray or French Brown.