Selena Gomez follows Bella Hadid on Instagram again after they both spilt from The Weeknd

Now that Bella Hadid has split from The Weeknd again, his other ex Selena Gomez has decided to make peace and has re-followed her on Instagram after unfollowing her in 2017. Boy drama is so 2017! It was in January of that year that Selena Gomez stunned fans by getting together with The Weeknd, just a few months after he called things off with longtime girlfriend Bella Hadid. After pictures of them hanging out made headlines, the hot new couple then both unfollowed Bella on Instagram, and she quickly did the same with them. Now Selena seems to have unofficially declared peace, as she’s started re-following the 23-year-old model on the ‘gram. Bella is now one of the elite 75 people that Selena follows, which includes celeb pals like Jennifer Aniston and Camilla Cabello, as well as musical collaborators like DJ Snake and Ozuna. Selena even follows Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid, 24, now as well. Meanwhile, a whopping 160 million people follow Selena. However, Bella hasn’t returned the favour of re-following Selena, though she does follow Sel’s ex Justin Bieber‘s wife Hailey Baldwin.