Corner nursery

Don’t have a spare room for a nursery? No problem! Make a special little corner, handcrafted even, for your little one. You can DIY an adorable setup and put those skills accumulated from all that Pinterest scrolling for hours on end to good use.


Wall hanging organiser from Toy Shop to keep things in order; because new parents do need SOME sense of order. Might as well be the baby’s knick knacks.

Knot cushions

Need to baby proof the crib? Align the interior of the crib with these uber cool cushion for safety… and some aesthetic.

Baby blanketa

Pink and blue are overhyped staples. How cosy does this muted grey knitted blanket look?

Rocking chair

Might as well treat yourself and not compromise on comfort for your chair (read: bed).

Throw pillow

Decorative pillows for the crib, sunshine for your sunshine.


Nursery appropriate frames for parents who want some association with the word ‘sleep’.

Changing table

Wall mountable changing tables that snap shut (and not just for airplanes); somebody must have had an epiphany for this ultra-convenient idea to have clicked.