Arlo Pro 3


The Arlo Pro 3 is almost the best security camera on the market, with one major flaw. The Arlo Pro 3 doesn't offer a 4K resolution - but you will get plenty of other great features that make this security camera a super solid choice for those who don’t need the best of the best. If you’ve ever seen other Arlo security cameras before (or really any smart camera in general), you’ll immediately recognise the Arlo Pro 3: it's almost identical to the Arlo Ultra in design, with a black face and a white exterior apart from that face. On the front of the cameras, you’ll get the lens itself, along with the “spotlight” above it. On the bottom, there are charging pins and a button to open the device up – which is how you’ll remove and insert the battery. The base station, called the SmartHub, is pretty much identically-designed too. It’s almost all white, and has an ethernet port, USB port for local storage, and power input, and should look right at home next to your router. One thing to note is the fact that you cannot buy a starter kit with the SmartHub and one camera. That means that you’re going to have to shell out for a pack with two cameras, which can get a little pricey. The Arlo Pro 3 does not have a 4K resolution like the more expensive Arlo Ultra – but the quality is still a pretty impressive 2K. You’ll get a 160-degree field-of-view, and as expected in 2019, the cameras have night vision and two-way audio. There are other smart features too, like automatic zooming and motion tracking, which should help ensure the camera picks things up when it needs to. The camera can zoom up to 12x, and offers HDR support as well.