Choose Your HAIR Colour Wisely

  • 04 Nov - 10 Nov, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Since women get bored quite easily with almost everything (read: hairstyle, wardrobe, footwear collection, bags), they love make-overs. Talking about which, the best thing anyone can do to change their look entirely is by changing their hair colour. Simple a task as it may sound, one needs to consider quite a few things before they choose a hair colour for themselves, so as to get the look they so desire and not get stuck with something unpleasant for days. Here are a few basic and important things to remember before you take the plunge.

#1 Your skin colour and shades of make-up

The most obvious consideration has to be your own skin colour. And in addition, it is vital to also consider the shades that you use for your regular make-up or in your wardrobe. Women who use shades of subtle pinks, browns and reds for make-up always look nice in blonde highlights, natural browns, medium reds or caramel shades. Whereas women with a dusky complexion may want to experiment with a single or double streak of dark red or brown like mahogany, toffee, maple brown and other warm shades.

#2 Professional commitments, if any

Believe it or not, but your profession has a lot to do with the hair colour you choose to go for. You wouldn’t want to scare your customers, or co-workers with vibrant pink hair. Moreover, certain colours might not seem appropriate depending on your workplace environment. So, keep your professional activities, your boss and your office culture in mind while choosing the colour.

#3 Your personality

A lot of women are very conscious of their dressing and look and what it conveys about them. If you too feel so, then you must choose a hair colour that complements your personality. If you love going a little edgy, you could opt for strong contrasts to your natural colour and if you like to keep it simple, then go in for subtle highlights and natural shades.

#4 Hair texture

If you have frizzy hair, do not go for contrasting highlights or blonde colours. They are bound to put the spotlight on your frizzy ends. If you have nice and thick curls, going for very dark and contrasting shades to your natural colour will add to the bounce of your hair and make them look voluminous. On the other hand, going for similar colours will make them look messy. So, consult a hairstylist about your hair texture and style before making the decision.

#5 Maintenance post-colour

Anything which is not natural has the tendency to cause a bit of damage, if not huge. If you bathe with hard water and cannot do much about it, try sticking to shades that match your natural hair colour. The more you go away from the original shade, the more evident it will be for others to see the colour wearing off after a little time.

#6 First timers, be cautious

If this is your first time experimenting with hair colours then do not go for permanent colouring. Stick to a semi-permanent colour. It is best to follow this thumb rule: always go two to three shades away from your natural colour, not more than that.