• 04 Nov - 10 Nov, 2017
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Gone are the days when we could get away with applying foundation with our fingers, because beauty tools are becoming more and more savvy. These little sponges have become a staple in many cosmetic buffs' make-up bags. Yet many of us are reluctant to keep buying them because they can be quite expensive. Here is a solution to that – make your own beauty blender at home. It is just as effective and will save you a lot of money.


· Foam
· Scissors
· Fabric dye
· Warm water
· Salt
· Rubber gloves


Begin by cutting the foam into a beauty blender-like shape. Local craft stores may sell it in various sizes and thicknesses. Alternatively, if you have a travel neck pillow lying around the house, you can remove the casing and use that, as well. Make a few of different sizes – having both, a larger one and smaller one comes in handy. The chunkier ones are ideal for applying foundation, whereas their baby counterparts are great if you want to target specific areas of your face — like under-eye bags or corners of your nose.

Next, prepare the fabric dye by adding it to warm water and table salt mixture, before stirring it until all the lumps and bumps have dissolved. If you plan on trying this DIY but don't want to get messy, pop on a pair of rubber gloves before dunking in the blender. You can experiment with different colours and patterns by using multiple dyes. As you dye the blender, make sure to keep squeezing it. By doing this, no dye will get trapped inside the foam. Before using your new creation, make sure that the sponge is thoroughly dry. To be on the safe side, let the blenders dry overnight, but if you're in a hurry then using a hair dryer on them should work just as well.

Once the sponge is dry, apply your usual products using the beauty blender in the same stippling motion. This will ensure that the product sets in evenly. When you plan on using the blender again, run the sponge under warm water and leave it to dry.

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Is the dry season irritating your feet, making them patchy and cracked? Get your scrubbing tools out! A scrubbing brush and stone, foot cream, foot scrub, towel and warm water are a few things you need to give your feet the treat that they deserve. Soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes first to soften them up. Then pat them with a towel and give them a good scrub; use the stone to scrub dead skin off the heels and brush to properly clean the toe and nails. Soak them back then wash them clean and finally, apply a foot cream. You can wear socks right after to seal in the moisture.