What causes brittle nails? How can I strengthen my weak nails?

Nails act as a window to our inner health. Nails can be dry brittle, because of the use of harsh soaps, detergents, chemicals and frequent use of nail polish removers. They can also be soft brittle because of excessive moisturiser. Lotions and nail creams containing alpha hydroxy acids and lanolin will be helpful. Using gloves while performing household chore and avoiding frequent manicures will help.

I have excessive comedones all over my face. What can I do to get rid of them?

Comedones occur due to blockage in the ducts of oil glands which could be due to excessively oily skin, humidity or using wrong products. Uses of salicylic acid containing products, gentle weekly exfoliation and a retinoid containing night cream will be helpful. I would also recommend you to get procedures like microdermabrasion and chemical peels for instant results.

I’m getting married soon and I need my hair to grow at least three to five inches in a few months, is there any way to grow my hair faster?

Improve your diet, avoid stress, also I would recommend you get a few sessions of PRP where we inject platelet and growth factors rich plasma directly into the scalp. It not only helps the hair to grow longer and thicker but you will also notice an improvement in the texture of your hair as well.

I’m unable to cover my large pores even with a foundation. Is there a way to minimise large pores?

Use a primer before makeup. Few sessions of microneedling with PRP, the combination is popularly known as a "Vampire facial" can do wonders. Also use a retinoid containing night cream and a vitamin C containing serum. Glycolic acid chemical peels are also beneficial.

I am seven months pregnant and since nine out of 10 women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy period, is there a way I can prevent stretch marks?

Moisturise! Keep your skin supple and hydrated throughout the pregnancy especially in the last trimester. You can use coconut oil on moist skin. Cocoa butter creams are good too, and we also prescribe specific stretch marks creams, but the trick is frequent use on damp skin.