Got your jacket on?!

As the city’s weather takes a transitional course with chilly mornings, warmer afternoon climes and breezy nights, we aim to tackle the dressing challenges it poses. Bear in mind, its the season of weddings too! As the invites for the festive season keep pouring in, you keep your calm and wear a jacket on. We are looking at statement pieces which will be your key to mastering layering like a pro. A cool embellished topper balances the arc right between pro-western and ethnic fusion ensembles. Even if your dress is bespoke minimal, you can easily spice things up with a jacket which says it for you!

A vintage bohemian vibe, this jacket will definitely make a strong style statement as soon as you leave the apartment wearing this piece.

This black on black saree with lots of gold on the jacket gives this open style an excellent outlook. This trend is going to grace every traditional and formal occasion this year.

This is the understated, silk upper you can count on to match all your outfits. The loose, flared style and length gives it a skirt like look. Dress it down with sneakers or up with heels.

Have a friend’s wedding reception planned ahead? Wear this gorgeous silver-ish white long jacket and make a glam entrance. The beautiful white embroidery and pearl work on this jacket will kick your outfit up a notch.

This is a perfect outfit for a formal evening, neither too fancy nor too casual. The big embroidered flowers and the beaded tassels on the jacket allow you to wear it with a single coloured jumpsuit.

This formal jacket is designed with the intricately beautiful pattern of embroidery whereas the shirt inside is designed in contrast to the hues of the upper. Carry this jacket in style and hit the floor.

This dull red jacket with gold embroidery and a bedazzled belt will add an extra bling to your wardrobe. This trend is popular and can be carried with a variety of bottoms including palazzo, cigarette pants, pencil trousers and even with lehenga or sharara.