More than just a lamp


Ikea and Sonos says it has a solution: SYMFONISK. Put what amounts to a Sonos One speaker into a lamp and you create a versatile piece of decor. Or turn those bookshelf speakers into shelves that you can use for storage. As an added bonus, SYMFONISK can be the start or expansion of your Sonos experience. The base is a knit fabric while the shade is made of glass. The white version comes with a frosted glass shade while the black version features a gold/bronze glass shade. There's a small panel at the bottom with play/pause and volume buttons. Or you can control the table lamp with the Sonos app.

Dual screen phones already?

Perhaps the best way to describe the experience of using the LG G8X in dual screen mode would be to say that every positive is canceled by a negative. The software that handles the secondary screen is fairly clever, but it's also buggy. Both screens are OLED and quite nice, but the unnecessary notch on the secondary screen is a little twitchy experience. But here’s the deal: you can listen to music on YouTube on one screen and actually use the phone on the other screen. Sold yet? The LG G8X is an obvious answer to the foldable phones trend. And yet, it's not a foldable phone – it does provide similar functionality but in a far less cool and elegant way. The third screen (yes, there's a third, small screen on the case's front side) displays basic info like time, date and battery, but it's not really always on and it doesn't wake with taps (you need to move the phone for it to wake up). You get the idea – for every "wow" there's a "but."