‘Dream-Maker’ man wants to grant wishes through social media: 'I do my best for everyone'

  • 23 Nov - 29 Nov, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

Charles Ressler is working on fulfilling the wishes of dozens of people he’s never met. The 34-year-old fashion, art and design consultant is turning to social media for his #dreamMaker initiative, which he started in 2014. Ressler says that once he went to see the Broadway musical Pippin and posted about it on his Twitter account. A short time later, someone wrote back saying it would be their “dream” to see the famed production – and that’s when he had an idea. “I thought, ‘I could make that happen for her if she wasn’t in Chicago,’ ” Ressler recalls. “Then I thought, ‘I wonder how many people I could help with their dreams if I only knew what they were?’ to which I promptly decided to find out.” He then tweeted out a simple request: for people to send him something they wanted to attain or achieve. Then he would set out to make it happen. Ressler was flooded with responses. He selected those requests he could realistically make happen and went to work.