Abida Parveen makes copyright claim on Sanam Marvi’s ‘Hairaan Hua’

Hot Waters

Current season of Coke Studio is in heated waters again as renowned Sufi singer Abida Parveen claimed a copyright on the shows’ recently released song Hairaan Hua, the song was taken down after the claim. Sung by the very talented Sanam Marvi, the song is now no longer available on YouTube, though it can be still viewed on Coke Studio’s official Facebook page. She herself hasn’t talked anything about the dispute but, Abida Parveen's son Sarang Latif said, “The rights to the composition [of Hairaan Hua] are with us, registered in my mother’s name. It’s my mother’s intellectual property and they did not take permission from us [to use it]. They must have thought this was a traditional or folk composition, but it isn’t. My mother composes 99% of her songs herself.” This isn’t the first song to face copyright claims this season; back to back blunders are surely not good for the repute of such a big franchise.