Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad win hearts with their soulful qawwali

Sufi Night

Karachi is finally warming up to the idea of “the weekend”. The city has seen a seismic shift in shapes of weekend getaways and something-to-do besides trying out a new restaurant. Movenpick Hotel in collaboration with Qatar Airways hosted a Sufi Night featuring the legendary Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad Brothers, a well-paired combo to take an enthusiastic audience through a magical experience. The night started with Rumi’s verses and thunderous applause preceding the entrance of Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad. In united enthusiasm and Ayaz’s impeccable interaction skills with the crowd, the energy resonating in the ballroom was contagious. Introducing his legacy, he brings the 17th generation of the family to the night, winning the audience in a heart-touching sentiment.