• 30 Nov - 06 Dec, 2019
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Here are our favourite places to enjoy delicious pasta from. Try them out if you are on a scrumptious pasta-hunt…


In the last 10 years, Do Darya turned into signature Karachi material; the kind of place that definitely makes it to the food itinerary and has played a defining role in the food scene around town. With the shore strip crammed with fine-dining restaurants to all-you-can-eat buffets, the ‘it’ place for food offers nearly every cuisine found around town. And we all know who owns that food street. Skmming through the menu, I settle for Special Chicken Pasta, fettuccini pasta doused in white sauce and topped with chicken breast, cut up in bite size pieces and heavily seasoned was quite a large portion to look at. Once dug in, it turns out the portion size indeed was too big and would later be packed to be taken home.

Côtie Rôtie

Located inside the premises of Alliance Francaise in Karachi, Cotie Rotie boasts of a soothing sense of privacy. A dapper-looking staff is efficient enough to serve you well throughout your dining experience. Their fancy menu is a delight to check out any time, and the eatery makes sure to provide its customers something new by coming up with exclusive menus around occasions. Their Spaghetti with Sun-dried Tomato Pesto garnished with shavings of cheese and almond slivers was to die for. One bite into the pasta and you can tell how fresh everything tastes, and this is what sets the food at Cotie Rotie apart. The dish had a bit of heat to it that comes from black pepper and makes it taste really good. The aesthetic cosy inside sitting will make a perfect spot to dine-in in this weather.


Amichi is an Italian word that means 'friends.' It all started when 3 friends left their corporate jobs and pursued their passion for food. They put in dedication and handwork and ultimately came up with their own recipe for pasta and pizza and this is what they endorse in their cafe as well where you can create your own food from scratch. It is a cosy place where youd want to have casual hangouts with your friends and enjoy scrumptious food. They offer a diverse menu but if we want to pick a favourite from the loved pasta and pizza place, then our pick is definitely the Creamy Basil Pesto topped with Parmesan shavings. The dimly lit, mellowed down interior paired with a chilled soda and a serving on the pesto pasta has us wanting second helpings.

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

When it comes to pizzas, pastas and burgers, Karachiites are spoilt for choice, offered a whole host of eateries to choose from. Options there are many, but to single the best one out is a task food connoisseurs are always out on the hunt for, nestled across the becoming food street of Badar commercial – Broccoli Pizza & Pasta. With ample lightening, quirky décor in lively greens, yellows and reds, Broccoli has an uplifting vibe to its place. A large space is dedicated to their counter which features a live cooking station too – testament to eatery’s promise of serving everything fresh. The menu offers a diverse selection of pizzas and pastas, but the Mexican Pasta that they offer is the best. They’ve immaculately put together live station to create your very own dish of pasta. Mexican fettuccine pasta was a spice-lover’s dream come true – corn, olives, jalapenos and basil all collectively added a punch of flavour to every bite. The creamy penne plus rotini combo, with well-balanced quotients of white sauce, chili oil, basil crushings and surprise addition of broccoli made for the highlight on our table. Chewable chunks of grilled chicken with capsicum and olives bite tweaked the flavour, making it easily the creamiest and yummiest pasta. Broccoli has its pasta and lasagne recipes just right! Broccoli’s surely has an amazing staff with their services, boasting both courteousness and enthusiasm to serve.