Smoked Salmon Nigiri

  • 30 Nov - 06 Dec, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery


· 2 cups sushi rice

· Smoked salmon

· Wasabi

· Soy sauce

· Pickled ginger


Begin by taking a bit of rice you have prepared in advance, and using both index fingers and thumbs form it into finger like shape as shown below. Wet your hands and shape the seasoned rice into 10 mounds. Using a sharp knife cut a piece of the smoked salmon, large enough to cover the top of the rice finger you formed a minute ago. Pay attention to the fat lines direction. Your nigiri will look best if the lines are diagonal to the rice. If you like wasabi in your sushi, this would be a great time to smear a tiny bit of wasabi on the back of the smoked salmon just before placing it on top of the rice. Now, place salmon on top of the rice. Use two fingers to support the rice base while your other hand’s thumb and finger index stretch the salmon on to the rice so it is tightly placed on it. If you paid attention to the list of ingredients you noticed nori was an optional. You would sometimes use a thin strip of nori to strap the nori strip around the topping so that it doesn’t fall off the nigiri. This is mainly useful if you used plenty and/or varied topping – or if for any other reason the topping doesn’t hold well.