Nikon D3500


If you're looking to get more creative with your photography, and are on the hunt for your first DSLR, then the Nikon D3500 is hard to beat. It combines great value, intuitive menus and a fantastic battery life to create a compelling, beginner-friendly alternative to its mirrorless rivals. It blends excellent ergonomics, solid performance and image quality that can go far beyond what you can expect from a smartphone or most compact cameras. The Nikon D3500 also comes with the handy option of being able to change lenses to suit your subject or preferred style of photography. The APS-C sized sensor (typical for an entry-level DSLR, and much larger than the sensors used in most compact cameras) in the D3500 also does away with an optical low-pass filter to help improve image quality. Nikon has also opted to carry over the same 3.0-inch display, with a modest 921,000-dot resolution. Complementing the rear display is an optical viewfinder. This is perhaps the most obvious feature that distinguishes DSLRs from mirrorless cameras. As on the D3400 there's no Wi-Fi connectivity, but you do get Bluetooth, so it's possible to transfer images via Nikon's SnapBridge feature. The viewfinder on the D3500 is nice and clear, delivering a pleasingly bright view with good colour accuracy. Its LCD display, despite its modest resolution compared to those on pricier rivals. The excellent 1,550 shots from a charge means you can keep shooting for extended periods without worrying about carrying spares or finding a plug socket. More AF points would have been nice, but the 11-point AF system works for general shooting, and it'll do the job for some moving subjects too.