Pakistani designer creates tourist map to help you with travel plans

  • 30 Nov - 06 Dec, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

Pakistani artist Assam Altaf is blowing everyone away with his stunning ‘Pakistan Tourist Attractions Map’. The beautiful animation with major landmarks showing in the map is a testament to Assam’s superior skill set as an artist. This map marks all the major tourist destinations Pakistan offers to the world. Moreover, this map couldn’t have been created at a better time. With Pakistan’s tourism sector finally taking off attracting international business and starting major projects including Hazara Motorway, this map would be a cherry on top. Pakistan’s flexible and convenient foreign policy has brought a major increase in international tourists. Similarly, this map is also a convenient and easy depiction of major sites to visit, for the non-Pakistanis. In addition, in the times of digital apps and whatnot, this modern spin on a traditional map is a genius idea; it’s unique, out of the box and worth acknowledging. Assam’s portfolio reveals him as a man of many talents. He dabbles in photography as well. This Pakistani artist is bound to go far and we hope that he continues to create such magical pieces for Pakistanis to enjoy, celebrate and praise.