6 Bridal Trends On Our Radar

  • 07 Dec - 13 Dec, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Makeup artist Maha Ali Bintory talks key bridal trends with MAG

At presents, folks are gearing up for two imminent seasons; winters and weddings, and yes they will have to segue together. What better time than now to take opinions from a makeup experts, over which trends to accept and what to ditch? “This bridal season, we are looking at modern bride carrying looks exuding a youthful elegance,” shares Maha. “Keeping the makeup soft and simple with a graceful projection of classic feminine beauty is what we can expect to see more of. Staying with the natural foundation base with a darker kohl-rimmed eyes preserving the Eastern glam effect,” says the makeup artist. Read along for more!

Dramatic eyes, light brows

Keep the makeup glam simple with not-so-dramatic brows. Define the eyes with a thin eyeliner rather than a bold winged. With muted brows and more defined eyes, the bride’s aesthetic appear softer and not overdone.

Natural, hydrating skin is always in

Fresh, dewy skin is a big trend and the more natural it looks the better. Try staying away from stick foundations and using more hydrating and satin finish foundations for a healthy glow.

Give the lips some nude

Lighter lipstick with a bright outfit should definitely be your go to! Hues of pale pinks and nudes accentuates the colour of the outfit whilst keeping the makeup minimal.

You glow, girl

Use liquid highlighters instead of powder ones to give the appearance of a natural glow.

Gloss on, worries gone

Believe it or not, you need to start embracing those glossy lips again! Gloss is a top trend this season. The good thing is, gloss always helps make your lips look fuller too.

Rim your eyes, kohl

Tightlining the upper and lower waterline with a black kohl is back in the A-game, as if it was never gone! Modern brides favour dark rimmed eyes which definitely brings out the desi features best. The most expressive of all your features, makeup on your eyes will literally and figuratively speak volumes about your personality, your emotions and your style. Done right, eye makeup also has the power to be transformative.

According to Maha Ali Bintory, the overall idea is to keep the looks elegant yet youthful with dewy glowing skin and glossed lips. Every bride wants to looks ethereally different on her wedding day and finds it of the utmost importance that makeup artists provide this kind of leisure.