Cine Blitz

Well, at least we have our own songs in films now. Sometime back, the Indian music-makers and singers were producing our numbers in films – but, the filmi traffic isn’t really off the road. Some papers report that Indian film artistes are being approached for films and serials now that an unofficial ban on Indian artistes and technicians has come unstuck. Humayun Saeed’s Punjab Nahi Jaungi employed an Indian choreographer to help Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane. In fact, Humayun has asked for the help of a brother and sister pair of choreographers from Bombay, for Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 (JPNA2) which will be shot in Turkey. It’s basically something to do with our choreographers from Lahore, who can’t seem to give off their best. Now nobody asks for the Samrat Brothers, who used to work prolifically around 10 years back. Nigah Hussain, a younger chap, who was even approached by the TV crowd for films like Laaj and others, is hardly seen on the sets these days. Most of the choreography is done by private parties nowadays, who help in local song videos. It’s unfortunate that local productions run for India the moment the gate is unlocked. There is no doubt, for instance, in JPNA’s choreography which stood out, but then how is local talent going to be bred? That’s one aspect one has to look into.