Dapper Up feat Nick Jonas

Get a look inside the star’s wardrobe

If there is anyone who knows how to reinvent their wardrobe and reverse their squeaky-clean child star status and come out the other side as one of the hottest stars in the world, it’s Nick Jonas. Rolled-up blazer sleeves, bandanas and terrible tie knots made way for slick leather jackets, cool denim and an envy-inducing wardrobe of suits.

Ahead of the launch of his new fragrance with John Varvatos, the actor and singer-songwriter revealed to a fashion magazine the most treasured possessions in his closet, who inspires his style and why you don’t have to pick a side when it comes to tailoring and streetwear.

As an R&B crooner do you feel any pressure to fit that vibe with your outfit choices?

Yeah, at times. It depends on the project I’m working on but I think it always comes down to my interests but then also trying to stay on top of trends and even trying to create some of my own at times. As a musician there are moments where being a bit of a rebel is fun and you get a bit of a free pass at times. It really depends on the environment and I like to be a chameleon to a certain degree but I want people to see my outfit on stage and have them recognise me for it.

Tailoring or streetwear?

I like a combination of each. I love traditional and I have a great stylist who focuses on the tailoring and makes sure I feel really comfortable and confident with whatever I’m wearing. But then streetwear has become such a big part of the conversation and there is so much great stuff out there that I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t draw on that too. I love to do a combination of traditional menswear but also embracing the importance of those great streetwear elements too.

So, what do you wear for a big date night?

There’s nothing quite like getting suited up with your significant other and feeling comfortable and confident in a good piece of tailoring.

Are there any style icons whose way of dressing influences you?

Elvis Costello was a big inspiration for me. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time and the way he approaches his style. Then someone like Sting as well. Over the years he has done a really good job of owning whatever he is wearing. You can tell that some of those articles of clothing are things that he has had for a long time and he wears them effortlessly.

Do you feel inspired by any of the younger guys too?

Well, I’m saying all Brits here, not by design I promise, but David Gandy has been a big style inspiration for a lot of people and of course there is who really needs no introduction.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

Well, one of the things I’ve had longest is my New York Yankees cap. I grew up in New Jersey and I’m a big Yankees fan but it’s also become this massive style piece as well. It’s a staple of my wardrobe and something I can wear with pretty much whatever.

Another thing I think that every guy has to have in his wardrobe is a pair of white sneakers. And as far as clothing goes you can’t go far wrong with some great denim that you love wearing. A denim shirt especially with a white T-shirt underneath is definitely one of my key looks.