Twitter employee trolls Trump, wins hearts

US President Donald Trump's Twitter account recently vanished from the internet but was restored shortly after.

A customer service employee at the social networking company deactivated Donald Trump’s @realdonaldtrump account, and clarified the act by saying that it was last day at work. The account was deactivated for 11 minutes and Twitter is now investigating the matter. However, the president brushed off the outage in a new tweet later suggesting it showed the impact he was having.

Tweets from Mr Trump, who has 41.7 million followers, have frequently caused controversy. The latest incident has sparked debate about the security of the president's account, given the potential consequences of posts falsely attributed to Mr Trump being published. However, @POTUS, the official account of the US president, was unaffected.

Nevertheless, for Twitter the matter was not a trivial one and the company was at it. "We won't be able to share all details about our internal investigation or updates to our security measures, but we take this seriously and our teams are on it,” the social media website states.

Animoji karaoke is iPhone X’s creepiest feature

Among the many new features of the iPhone X is the addition of Animoji — all your favourite emoji, but synced up to re-enact facial movements like a Snapchat filter on steroids. It’s hard for one to fathom why anyone would want to use these terrifying things.

It’s pretty simple: you record yourself lip-syncing with your favourite emoji to your song of choice. The iPhone X is slowly making its way into more users’ hands, which means it’s time to start planning your favourite combination now.

GIF-supported polls feature comes to Facebook

Facebook has rolled out a GIF-supported poll feature that allows users to post votable questions as a new status on both the web and iOS, and Android apps. You will also be able to add GIFs and photos as responses, too, instead of just plain old boring text.

To create one, just hit compose post, or click on the “what’s on your mind” section. Below the text box will be a button that says “Poll,” as well as other options. Then you can type in your question in the text box with two options for answers. There’s no limit to how long your question can be, but your responses are limited to 25 characters.

To add a photo or GIF, as your answer, hit on the camera or GIF icon in the option line for responses. You can add a duration for how long you want your poll to remain open, with options for one day, one week, custom, or never.

The move follows Instagram which added polling stickers to its Stories feature recently. Twitter also has a polling feature, but allows for up to four response options, instead of Facebook’s two.