Man calls on Siri to help rescue him after his car falls into icy Iowa River

  • 21 Dec - 27 Dec, 2019
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

An Iowa teenager whose car plunged off a bridge and into an icy river managed to get himself help in the nick of time – and it’s all thanks to his trusty iPhone. Gael Salcedo, 18, was driving his 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee just before 7:30 a.m. when he hit a snow-covered patch of road. Salcedo lost control of his vehicle, which then traveled over an embankment and into the Winnebago River below. “I turned to the right and from there, everything just went blurry. I didn’t know where I was going and then I just didn’t know what to do.” Salcedo told the outlet he immediately rolled down his window, but was unable to call for help, as he had misplaced his phone amid the chaos. That’s when his quick-thinking kicked in, and Salcedo called on Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant, to reach out for help for him. “I lost my phone and since I couldn’t find it, I was like, ‘Hey Siri, call 911,’” he said. “And once Siri called, that’s when I found my phone finally.” Thanks to Siri’s call, eventually, Salcedo managed to make his way out of his Jeep, and he was taken to Mercy Hospital, where he was treated and released.