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Hania Aamir

Watching #pinkymemsaab and @HajraYamin you’re such a star! So flawless so natural so fearless! Looking forward to watching more of your amazing work! Shine bright!

Ayeza Khan

Absolutely loved Faislabad. The love and respect I received from my fans here was truly surprising. Will surely plan another visit soon! I love you guys!

Aijaz Aslam

Finally finished dubbing for Kalasha, a beautiful emotional movie directed by a talented young guy @farukhturk and co produced by Ahad Raza Mir. Surely you guys will love it.

Muneeb Butt

If the whole world is against Pak Army, I am against the whole world! #PakArmyZindabad

Adnan Malik

That golden #decemberistan sun, crisp Quetta winds, Abid Ali’s assured footwork & schoolboy celebrations, Shaan’s dogged 100, chants of “Babar Babar” echoing through the ground & glowing smiles in the dressing room. Welcome back test cricket, we’ve missed you. Sincerely, Pakistan