Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s cute wedding invite is all over the internet

Marital Vows

The couple became talk of the town after Yasir went down on one knee at LSA ’19. News made rounds for months that the couple is soon to make things official and guess what, they are all ready to say their vows before 2019 ends. The couple uploaded their cute and quirky wedding invite on their Instagram. It was a colourful, illustrated invite with both of them as bride and groom. The card was shared extensively on the social media pages after they both posted it on their personal accounts. News has it that the festivities will begin from Dec 25 and their nikkah will take place on Dec 28. Best wishes to the couple and we’re sure Iqra will make a beautiful bride!

Mansha Pasha and Jibran Nasir to get engaged

Making for the latest couple to jump the winter wedding bandwagon. Actress Mansha Pasha who rose to stardom with Laal Kabooter, the film which has made waves in international film festival was reportedly dating human right activists and lawyers Jibran Nasir for some time now. And here is why we think they are #goals – Pasha is the one to mince no words and is quick to call out any social discrepancy in both society and entertainment fraternity. Speaking of Jibran, his booming debates have rattled political structures and resonated with the masses for a long time. We wish the couple the best!