I’m a high school student and am currently searching for colleges to apply in. What should I look for when visiting campuses?

If you’re lucky enough to visit campuses then try meeting the faculty members, students and do check the facilities available for you there. Apart from visiting the campus one needs to see what subject they want to study and what does the university specialise in.

I’m thinking of taking CSS exams next year in February but I’m afraid I just have less than two months to study. What is the quickest and the most beneficial way to prepare for CSS?

The most efficient way to study for any exam, including the CSS exam is to isolate yourself for at least two hours a day to just study. You will have to work very hard in order to cover the exam syllabus.

I want to be a flight attendant but their most important requirement is confidence and I seem to lack a lot of it. Can you suggest some tips to boost my confidence for my cabin crew interview?

If you want to be confident for an interview make sure you have done your research. If you have knowledge then you’ll be able to tackle the interviewer’s questions tactfully. Also, practice in front of the mirror, rehearse the answers and the way you should deliver the answers.

I’m a Bachelors in computer sciences but I’m starting to develop interest in HR. Is it possible for me to apply for the role of an HR with my BCS degree or do I need to get a suitable degree for HR?

It’s always beneficial to get a degree in a particular major but if you are fortunate enough to find a job in the field of HR I would recommend that you pursue it. Experience is also a great tool to do well in a field.

I think I’ve been job hopping too much. Would that put a negative impact on my CV?

Job hogging has its pros and cons. If you are switching jobs too often in a very less time frame it can have a negative impact but if you are switching jobs to explore your interests then it has a positive impact on self growth. This will allow you to find your passion and pursue a career that interests you in the long run.