My acne becomes really flared when the weather changes. What treatment should I opt for?

There can be many reasons. Things that worked for you in the summers might not work in winters and vice versa. Change your skin care products according to the changing season. Thick moisturisers are not for acne prone people. Drink adequate water. Better seek help from a dermatologist if your condition doesn't improve.

I have male pattern baldness. How should I deal with it?

Male pattern alopecia also known as androgenetic alopecia; it’s an ongoing process, under the influence of androgens where the follicles having receptors will shrink with time and undergo a process of miniaturisation resulting in production of a shorter and thinner hair. Eventually the follicle stops producing hair. Ideally an early diagnosis and prompt treatment will prevent an ongoing loss and help you maintain what you already have. Treatment options include, minoxidil 5% hair spray, five to six puffs once or twice a day or as recommended by your dermatologist. In some cases we combine it with systemic anti-androgenetic therapy. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment will help you improve your look cosmetically if you are in an initial stage. For advanced stages hair transplantation or FUE will help.

Is bleaching once a month okay for your skin?

Skin bleaching creams used for lightening up facial hair contains harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, sodium per carbonate, sodium, dithionate etc. which in due course of time makes the skin susceptible to pigmentation, so better avoid the use of bleach creams as much as possible.

The corners of my lips are black. What should I do?

Dark corners can be as a result of contact dermatitis with toothpaste ingredients or can also be due to vitamin deficiencies and anemia. Lack of hydration and excessive sun exposure might aggravate the pigmentation. Keep yourself well hydrated. Change your toothpaste. Keep a check on your diet and blood levels, you can also add a multivitamin and B-complex supplement if your diet is deficient. Use a sunblock and try using glycerine on the lips.