• 28 Dec - 03 Jan, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

The THÉMAÉ Spa welcomes you in the heart of historic Paris, between the Palais Royal gardens, the Place des Victoires and the Louvre Pyramid. This timeless place, sheltered from the tumult of urban life, invites to escape and initiates the ceremony of treatment with Tea. Rare and precious objects, each with a history, were brought back by the founder of THÉMAÉ during his travels in Asia. These touches of originality, like fragments on a master canvas, reflect several ancestral cultures closely linked to the history of Tea. The welcoming area allows you to release the pressure as soon as you arrive on the spot. The spa reserves a VIP welcome to French and international clientele, over 400 square meters. Calm, silence and serenity envelop you from the first moments in this refined cocoon, entirely dedicated to relaxation. They offer you the opportunity to experience unique treatments at your convenience.