Bedtime beauty rituals that will transform your skin and hair while you sleep

  • 28 Dec - 03 Jan, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Make time for these four skin and hair care rituals in your night time routine and you can look forward to waking up to glowing skin and shiny hair every single day.

Invest in your eyes

Invest in a silk mask. Pop one of these beauties on before bed and the silky fabric will block out the frown-lines and protect the eyes from looking puffy.

Say hello to scrunchies

If you tie your hair up to sleep anyway, a soft velvety scrunchie will stop it breaking or tugging against your pillow and feel blissfully comfy compared to those old elastics you’ve been using.

Be a bathing beauty

Add a handful of the right kind of salt to your bath water to stimulate circulation, flush out toxins and promote hydration.

Cleansing and the miracle mask

Cleansing is the most basic and important step for bedtime skin care routine but don’t forget to put on a gorgeously rich moisture mask.