What do the stars hold for 2020? - Saira Azfar

  • 04 Jan - 10 Jan, 2020
  • Attiya Abbass
  • Interview

When did you first begin reading the stars? For how long have you been doing this?

I started with numerology at the age of 14. Then I delved into Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot cards and Cartomancy. Predictive arts have been a lifelong passion. Since I had the ability to see beyond the general five senses my experience only helped me reach out to more realms. I believe that God has given a lot of power and knowledge to mankind, and it is on the basis of knowledge that we have been termed Ashraf ul Makhlooqat. But with effort only we can rekindle the inherited knowledge that we have been blessed with. And, we are able to improve our life because of this effort. God has given us free will and that is why we will be judged, too. Thus, our actions have the ability to change future outcomes. I guide people on how they can activate their inert abilities to raise their spirituality and vibrations helping them manifest wanted realities on Facebook at Find Guidance with Serena and Youtube channel (Totally Serena).

An overview – what does the year 2020 hold for Pakistan?

The year 2020 will bring a lot of international attention and interest to Pakistan. We will get more alliances and investments. Though these opportunities will come up but due to uncertain political unrest in the middle of the year there might be lost opportunities. A commitment made by a certain personality will not materialise in regards to new construction projects. Overall, it will be a year with new baby projects with great potential.

What would be the political status of the country?

The political status will be mixed. For the ruling party the start of the year brings some frustrations and challenges but later on as the year progresses they will be able to achieve things which were delayed but were able to materialise, with some lucky turn of events. In regards to opposing parties there will be a need for alliance but none will be able to successfully join together. However, there are new starts for female politicians and an interesting turn of events will bring surprising results for them.

What changes or developments would Pakistan undergo in the year ahead?

There is an incident which might cause some disruption in the development of the economic sector but it is temporary. It is caused due to internal conflicts and major changes will be required to cater to this situation. There will be positive developments in the agricultural sector, media and property.

Do you see any peaceful developments for the Indo-Pak relations?

Unfortunately, there are scenarios where the political scene will escalate negatively between the two countries. It would be a difficult situation but it will be resolved by the help of friendly counterparts. This situation will need to be handled with good evaluation.

What about the future of world politics?

On the political front, a major situation which is causing a lot of blood shed will end. Two big nations in the northern hemisphere will align and solve a long standing issue in terms of land and boundaries.

Do you foresee any natural calamities occurring? Keeping in mind the major climate changes happening.

Yes, there is a water based calamity which will disrupt life however not causing as much harm as it could due to some lucky last minute intervention of positive forces. The water calamity can be caused due to climate change.

Do you see the Prime Minister completing his tenure?

For the next two years at least, Imran Khan will be in power. However, he is required to make a lot of efforts which start on very individualistic basis. There will be a lot of misunderstandings regarding his government but they can achieve results with efforts. However, there is a warning for Imran Khan regarding a political change which will make things very difficult for him and he will need to deal with the situation very deftly and any stagnation or hesitations will cause him loss.

Do you foresee any major political shuffling happening?

The same situation that I mentioned above can be a cause of concern. Other than the political structure, the judiciary will further be taking very independent decisions which are not sitting well with the general morale of the people without much improvement in the overall organisation of the institution.

What are the prospects looking like for the military in the year ahead?

In regards to the military, they will be required to deal with unrest which will be caused by third party/foreign interference. The situation will be handled well.

How do you see media news, print and digital outlets progressing in the coming year?

In the field of new developments in communication technology, Pakistan will gain from this development. There are new starts and major changes which will lead to better communication and media structure internationally. On the international front, an alliance of Pakistan seems to be advancing and at the forefront.