We all start the year with expectations and setting new goals and sometimes it can get too much to deal with. Here are seven resolutions a therapist encourages you to make for your mental health.

• Forgive yourself. It’s okay to have make blunders and mistakes in the past. Forgive yourself in your heart for falling short of your own expectations. It’s being human.

• Nurture your inner child. We all have unmet needs from childhood. As adults, we can reflect back on our lives and give ourselves what we didn’t receive in our early years. It can be love, holding and care.

• Let go of the guilt. Most of us carry a lot of guilt and shame. This guilt makes us feel like a bad person in our own eyes. Embark on a new journey in 2020 which is guilt free.

• Set healthy boundaries. Relationships are strengthened when healthy boundaries are enforced. Set new boundaries wherever they are needed. It is all a part of self protection.

• Practice mindfulness. This year, try to be more mindful of yourself, your emotions and your surroundings.

• Take care of your body. You can start a healthy routine by exercising, getting adequate sleep and eating nutritious food. Small changes made and practiced consistently can bring about major changes in your overall health.

• Set realistic goals. It is good to set goals for the sake of motivation but make sure that they are not unrealistic. Not being able to achieve goals can result in feelings of disappointment and frustration. Give yourself credit for the effort regardless of the outcome.