Celebrity Crush OF THE WEEK - Sanam Saeed

The biggest perk of being you?
I got to follow my dreams.

Best part of the day for you is?
I love mornings and breakfast time.

What are you currently listening to?
Classical Indian raags and old-school jazz.

If stuck on an island, you would...
Enjoy the peace, quiet and beauty.

The last photograph you took was...
A boomerang of a strong breeze blowing the trees.

Life for you is...
Finding your purpose, enjoying your moments, living in the present and helping each other along the way.

Best memory to-date is...
Any memory where I was with my friends and family, and laughing.

Best vacation memory of yours?
Euro trip with an old friend, Anisa, during college.

Beauty for you is...
A warm, smiling face. And that really does shine through from the inside.