Eating mindfully at weddings

Since it’s the month of weddings, here are some useful tips on how to eat at weddings without ruining your progress:

1- When you know you have to go to an event at night, keep the rest of the day super light. My go-to is egg whites for breakfast and a piece of fruit for lunch.

2- Almost all wedding menus have a dry BBQ item. That is your saviour and should be your first serving. Have about two fist size servings of BBQ, preferably chicken with half a naan/chapati. Watch out for sheermaal, taaftaan etc. Those are loaded with calories.

3- Have a diet soda. Zero calories and they’ll fill you up not leaving much room for other stuff.

4- Skip the gravy. Too much oil and calories can vary immensely.

5- If you feel like having rice, have one fist sized serving instead of bread/naan/chapati.

6- Ideally, you should be skipping desert but if you absolutely cannot, have two to three teaspoons and if there’s ice cream, get someone to share it with you.