I’m an O levels student and I’m in 03 right now. I want to be an interior designer and I cannot decide what subjects I should choose in my A Levels. Can you help me?

If you want to pursue arts, it’s best to take arts as a subject in your A levels. If you don’t take arts, take humanitarian subjects like sociology, psychology etc.

How should I use social media to grow my professional network?

Social media is great for creating awareness. Market your content, promote it and create polls to engage the audience.

How should I handle exam stress better and be more productive?

The best way to handle exam stress is by starting to prepare for the exam at an earlier time. Keep revising, do the past papers and read.

Is it necessary to have a picture on my resume?

It’s not necessary to have a picture on the resume but it’s good to have one. Having a picture on the resume allows the person reading your resume to associate with you better.

Is it considered unprofessional to add co-workers on social media? I work in a bank.

It’s isn’t unprofessional to add co-workers on social media as long as you are using the connection to professionally grow.

It is better to make a CV myself or just use one of those set templates you find online?

There is no one right way to make a CV. If you want to take help from a template available online you can do it, no harm.