Can you help me with my meal planning? I am two weeks post-partum.

There’s no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL meal plan. They’re all tailor-made according to one’s needs and requirements. To have one of your own you need to consult a Registered Dietitian. Although these are a few foods that you must add in your postpartum diet: Almonds, ghee, eggs, fish, panjeeri, carom seeds, edible gum, sesame seeds and fruits.

My mother has type 2 diabetes and she really misses sugary treats. Beginners tips to helping a family member who has recently been diagnosed?

First of all, Type 2 diabetes can be reversed. So, all of you should help her shift to a healthy lifestyle. Go for a walk with her; help her exercise; assist her in meal planning; stay in touch with her doctor and dietitian. As far as craving sweets is concerned here are a few tips to curb your sugar cravings:

• Throw away all the candies, cakes and sweets.

• Don’t let her skip meals. Eating the right food at the right time will help her resist all that artificial sugar.

• Make sure she sleeps well. Poor sleep affects her sugar levels leading to sugar cravings.

• Give her healthy snacks like a mix of fruit, a few nuts and yogurt.

• Diabetics can eat fruits. So, talk to her dietitian and ask them to adjust fruits in her diet plan.

I want to quit smoking, are there any dietary changes that can help make it easier?

Changes that may help you quit smoking include eating antioxidant rich diet. Quit gradually and start exercising. Next time you get and urge to smoke eat a carrot, chew on a sugar free gum, have fruits or dry fruits. Have regular, nutritious meals or nibble on low calorie foods. And lastly, stay hydrated and keep yourself busy.

I read olive oil salad dressings are high calorie. If I want to lose weight, shall I let the dressing go?

You can adjust the dressing in your diet if you know the calories it has or you can consult a Dietitian/Nutritionist for this. There’s no food item you need to quit while being on a diet. •