January, 1922 – Insulin is used for the first time to treat diabetes

14-year-old Leonard Thompson was the first person to receive the medication to combat his Type one diabetes.

January, 1967 – James Bedford frozen with intent of future resuscitation

Bedford was the first human to be cryonically preserved; his body awaits resuscitation in Scottsdale, Arizona.

January, 1915 – The worst earthquake in Italian history kills 30,000

The quake hit the town of Avezzano, about 100 km (60 m) east of Rome.

January, 1559 – Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England

“The Virgin Queen” was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII.

January, 1892 – The rules of Basketball published

Canadian James Naismith invented the sport for his gym class at YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts.

January, 1919 – Prohibition begins in the United States

The 18th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibited the manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating liquids.

January, 1946 – The UN Security Council holds its first session

The UNSC is the most powerful organ of the United Nations and it is charged with upholding international peace and security.