Actor, director, producer, screenwriter – is there anything Shaz Khan cannot do? Making his debut in the film industry with the production Moor, Khan made his foothold to grow and explore his craft in the art that is filmmaking. To what it means to be an actor, Khan beautifully relays “we’re craftsmen of human emotion.” At present, the actor is currently working on an action movie The Martial Artist. Finding time from a full schedule, here are excerpts from a candid chat:

Three things Shaz Khan is not?

Complacent, bored, smelly.

What is your criterion of choosing scripts? Walk us through your process.

If it feels right, you do it.

A film/ role you wish you did?

I never think that way.

At present, what do you think the film industry needs to flourish?

Understanding that the key to good films is scriptwriting, that is the building block of film.

If you could only do one, film or drama, which one would you pick?


As a director, what genres do you think it is high time that the film industry expanded into?

Action, thriller, horror – bring it all baby!

How do you stay motivated for training and prepping for a role?

This is exactly what I need to be doing at this point in my life so focus, balance and a lot of mantras.

What is a genre you’d really be excited to direct and/or act?

The one I am doing right now in The Martial Artist.

What is the best and worst thing about being an actor?

Best thing is the when they say action; the worst thing is trying to explain why you love it to someone who won’t get it.