Automatic trash cans: Is the future here?

Tech news

Until there’s a Roomba that takes out the trash, this self-sealing bin from Townew is as close as we’ll get to an automated garbage experience. Townew is fitted with a Refill Ring that contains enough recyclable material to create 25 trash bags. Its touchless design opens the lid with a wave of the hand. When full, a button press on the front seals the bag, opens the top assembly for bag removal, then closes to pull a new bag into place. If the lid won’t close due to overloading, the trash can will automatically lift the top and seal the bag for removal.

Chinese scientist jailed for gene-editing babies

A Chinese court has sentenced the scientist behind the world’s first gene-edited babies, He Jiankui, to three years in prison, saying that the researcher’s team “crossed the bottom line of ethics.” Alongside his prison sentence, The Guardian reports that He was also fined 3 million yuan (around $430,000). He Jiankui was sentenced alongside two colleagues. Zhang Renli was fined 1 million yuan (around $143,000) and sentenced to two years in prison, while Qin Jinzhou was fined 500,000 yuan (around $71,000) and sentenced to 18-months in prison, with a two-year reprieve. “The three accused did not have the proper certification to practice medicine, and in seeking fame and wealth, deliberately violated national regulations in scientific research and medical treatment,” the court said in comments that were reported by state news agency Xinhua.