• 11 Jan - 17 Jan, 2020
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New Year fireworks now become part and parcel of every New Year’s celebrations. It’s astonishing to watch especially at the New Year Eve. Each year, millions of people gather to welcome the coming year with the extravagant fireworks show to celebrate New Year’s Eve with their loved ones. As it’s now become the global practice, countries are now competing with astounding light shows every time more dazzling than before.

Spectators always seem impressed by the show, but are they getting plenty of bang for their buck? Here’s what you need to know about how much countries around the globe spend on New Year’s fireworks.


In UAE, New Year Eve’s festivities begin with the jaw-dropping fireworks on the world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa. The sparkling show doesn’t only include the panoramic fireworks but it’s also packed with lights and water-music dance at the dancing fountain of Burj Khalifa. You can also visit the Skytop cafes adjacent to Burj Khalifa to observe the New Year fireworks show while stuffing yourself with scrumptious Emirati cuisine. In 2014, Dubai broke the Guinness record for the world’s largest pyrotechnic display, setting off 500,000 fireworks in six minutes. The event costed $6m (£3.86m), making it also the world’s most expensive display, pipping Sydney, London, Edinburgh and Rio to top spot. This year too, the figure has been somewhat the same.


New Year’s Eve in London has become a bucket-list destination for many. For nearly two decades, the city has put on an electrifying fireworks show overlooking the Thames, and 2020’s – which went off to some of the year’s biggest songs – were the ‘best London has ever seen’. The final cost of 2019/2020’s fireworks show won’t be known for a few more days, but it’s thought that the budget has remained similar to that of the last few years which was roughly £2.3m. The budget for the show is decided by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the money comes from a mixture of tax paid by London council taxpayers and funds raised by ticket sales for the event. The theme for the 2019–20 display was 'British New Decade', celebrating the new decade. The display featured music and soundbites relating to UEFA Euro 2020 where London will be hosting seven games, including the final.


Imagine watching the great firework show near one of the famous landmarks in Paris, isn’t it amazing? On New Year’s Eve 2020, Paris came to live with celebrations, fireworks and parties. 2020 kicked off in the most romantic and beautiful city in the world with a bang! This year more than 400,000 people gathered on the Champs Elysées Avenue to see the New Year’s Eve firework show on the Arc de Triomphe which is said to have costed £2.1m. From 11.45 pm till 12.00 pm a special video show was projected on the Arc de Triomphe followed by a spectacular countdown.