Hina Altaf, “Faisal Rehman tends to get over-romantic during intimate scenes,”

#MeToo Continues

Hina Altaf recently revealed in a talk show To Be Honest hosted by standup comedian Tabish Hashmi that Faisal Rehman tends to get “over-romantic” during the shooting of an intimate scene. “It is difficult to shoot a romantic scene with Faisal Rehman because he gets over-romantic. Yahan ungli pakarni hogi, woh banda hath pakar le ga,” said Altaf. To this, Hashmi replied jokingly, “This isn’t romance, this is a case of harassment.” To which Altaf said that she has tried to scare Rehman away with a #MeToo case and it has starting to work as he keeps his distance now. MAG has reached out to Hina and Faisal for a comment.