1. Carbs are your enemy!

Carbohydrates are considered “fattening”. It is believed that they hinder or slow down your weight loss process. Whereas they actually help you lose weight. They are fibre rich so they keep you full for longer. But you should eat complex carbs instead of refined/simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs like whole wheat, vegetables and beans etc. are more nutritious and beneficial than simple carbs.

2. You need to skip meals to lose weight.

It is assumed that eating less would lead to weight loss but in reality, it can prove harmful for you. It may lead to nutrient deficiencies and low energy levels. Because of that your body might start using your muscle stores for energy and YOU DON’T WANT THAT, TRUST ME!

3. Green tea helps you lose weight.

Green tea is good but not for weight loss. You can’t stuff your face with all that junk, fast food and then chug green tea hoping that you will still lose weight. Use green tea as an alternate for soft drinks and calorie rich teas.

4. All calories are equal.

All calories are not equal. A 120Kcal apple is way healthier than a 120Kcal chips packet. While focusing on calories one should also keep

in mind the nutritional value of the food they’re consuming.

5. Weight loss supplements are a good way of losing weight.

Never opt for a quick-fix. Weight loss supplements can be dangerous. Most of the supplements work by blocking fat absorption in our bodies. Fat on the other hand is a major component of many chemical reactions and hormones in the body. It is also vital for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. So, no fat means vitamin deficiency and hormonal problems.

6. You can lose from targeted areas.

Targeted fat/weight loss isn’t possible. You can’t do 100 crunches daily and expect your tummy fat to vanish. You need to lose overall body fat to lose from targeted areas as well.

7. You will see results immediately.

A healthy weight loss requires patience, consistency, and hard-work in the right direction. The weight you’ve put on in five years wouldn’t go away in five days. Healthy weight loss is sustainable too. •