• 18 Jan - 24 Jan, 2020
  • Rubab Fatima
  • High Life

Zaoq is a pleasing addition to the culinary horizon which offers authentic Pakistani cuisine for those who appreciate good taste and refinement of flavours in food. A few friends and I ended up deciding to stop by the eatery to treat our starving selves to some desi food. Not having tried the Zaoq before I was excited for the experience upon my friend’s recommendation who was all praises for their food. Featuring a marble-floored setting with white and brown accents, the place exudes elegance and an ambience to match. The menu was quite diverse consisting a variety of options to choose from; seafood, barbecue, vegetarian, gravies and rice. The hardest decision for me is to choose what to eat whenever I go on a food hunt but being a biryani lover big time, I picked something from that section. Upon inquiring about a spicy grub from our server, he was kind enough to guide us through the entire order and told us to pick Sindhi Biryani which according to him was appropriate for our taste. It arrived in a tray, garnished with fried onions, almonds and coriander and appeasing to the eyes. It was an instant hit and probably the most delicious one that I had in a while. Next up was the Darbari Murgh Handi, a blend of perfectly cooked chicken with a spicy tomato curry topped with ginger and green chillies which increased our appetite at first sight as it arrived piping hot at our table. To sum it up in a few words, it was an absolute treat for the taste buds. With it, we ordered Garlic Naan which came lathered in garlic. We ordered chicken seekh kebab because one of our diners is a barbecue devotee; but it is no lie that we were more than happy for the tasting. It appeared victorious on our table, and I confidently termed it the highlight of our order. The juicy meat was cooked to perfection and marinated with an accurate blend of spices with herbs and rich butter. I really liked the fact that neither it was undercooked nor overcooked but was so tender that you could actually feel the meat melting and tasted absolutely divine. I can’t imagine my food without a drink and ordered fresh lime to gulp it down along with the scrumptious food. It was flavoursome and refreshing with a strong kick of lemon just as I expected it to be. All in all, I had a pretty good experience with the restaurant and it won’t be wrong to say that I will definitely visit the place again to fulfill my desi food cravings. It is recommended for people who are fond of exploring the desi food options across the city.


Taste is of foremost importance that can’t be overlooked when you go to an eatery and Zaoq lived up to expectations. 


I have to say the staff was highly professional; not only they helped us with ordering but were very attentive and welcoming.


The ambience of an eatery for sure contributes to the overall experience one can have, we enjoyed our time in a very calm and pleasant environment. 


The food was served in a traditional setting, there was nothing to rave about the presentation but it was very tidy and appealing to the eyes.


For a fine dining, Zaoq is quiet reasonable and provides decent value for money.