18 January, 1886 – Modern hockey came into being

The foundation of The Hockey Association in England formalised a modern version of the game that had already been played in ancient times.

19 January, 1915 – Georges Claude patented his neon discharge tube

Neon lighting soon became popular for outdoor advertising.

20 January, 1934 – Fujifilm founded

The Japanese photography and electronics company soon became a global player in its field.

21 January, 1899 – Opel builds its first automobile

Today, Opel is one of the world's largest car manufacturers.

22 January, 1943 – World record for fastest temperature change

The fastest temperature change recorded in history occurred on this day in Spearfish, South Dakota. The temperature increased from 20°C to 7°C in the span of two minutes.

23 January, 1986 – First artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Among the first inductees were Ray Charles, James Brown, and Elvis Presley.

24 January, 1848 – The California Gold Rush begins

Some 300,000 people traveled to California after James W. Marshall had found gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California.