Water out of thin air

Cool inventions

Whether you’re in a developing country or on the scene of a natural disaster, water is usually the first need in times of crisis. Watergen, an Israeli company, thinks GENNY could be the answer. The machine, which looks like an office water cooler, pulls moisture from ambient air to create drinkable water through a patented filtration process, much like a fancier dehumidifier. One GENNY unit can produce up to 7 gal, of water a day, and all it needs is electricity or solar power – no plumbing required. The multistage purification process can make clean water even in areas with high air pollution, and larger units are already being used in disaster-relief efforts. But GENNY isn’t only for those in need. For an estimated $1,500 (units will be priced by distributors), consumers can cut down on buying bottled water and reduce their water use at home.