Craft Me, In Eastern

2020 is here and this year has already given us captivating, flowy silhouettes, dramatic sleeves, bold prints and colours and heavily embellished designs. Bigger, bolder and better seems to be the mantra this year. Sequins, crystals, appliqué and feathers: evening dresses have been given a heavy dose of embellishment.

A-Line and long shirts have also been reigning over the fashion scene this year. They are the epitome of classic beauty! Long shirts and A-Line dresses are praised for their ability to look good on just about any body type. From athletic builds to pear-shaped, these silhouettes are forgiving on a wide range of sizes.

Apart from that, bold, dramatic sleeves are a trend we’ve been spotting since last year and it just seems to get bolder this year.

Coinciding with the rise in popularity of the off-the-shoulder sleeves has been the rise of cold-shoulder sleeves. Perfect for women who like to bare a little less skin, cold-shoulder designs feature a flash of skin just on the tops of arms. Appearing like a regular design with cutouts at the shoulders, cold-shoulder sleeves are modern and chic. With a cold-shoulder outfit, there’s no need to worry about your sleeves slipping up or top slipping down!

And while talking about trends, we simply cannot ignore fringes and tassels. Fringes and tassels are literally everywhere these days; shoes, earrings, bags, neckpieces and clothes; they can be found everywhere. Whether it's on the sleeves of your outfit or subtly accenting the hem of a skirt, the eye-catching trend is a winner this year.

Jewels: Samreen Vance
Designer: Noor by Sadia Asad
Photography: Shop Style Official
Models: Rabia Chaudhry, Sadia Khan, Mushk Kaleem