Keepin’ it reel with Anoushay Abbasi

  • 01 Feb - 07 Feb, 2020
  • Attiya Abbass
  • Interview

Intelligent, pragmatic and articulate, are attributes which best define the promising star that Anoushay Abbasi is. Channeling her free-spiritedness, the young starlet has come a long way, making the last few years unforgettable with her impressive line of work. Surely, one looks out for Abbasi as someone who is going ahead in the industry like the impetuous winds.

She started out as a VJ, soon shifting gears to her real calling: acting. Abbasi made her big debut with the drama serial Tootay Huwae Par and since then, we have seen her on multiple shows, bringing so many characters to life. Through her awe-inspiring acting skills, Abbasi bagged her first LSA win for Best TV Actress (Terrestrial). We recently saw Abbasi featuring in a cameo role alongside Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed, and Adnan Siddiqui in the highest ever rated TV programme Meray Paas Tum Ho. MAG catches her in a lively tete-a-tete, where she opens up, by her own admission, like never before. Read on…

Introduce us to Anoushay Abbasi, as never seen before. Who are you off-the-screen?

I’m a very simple, unambiguous person. I am happy to be surrounded by my own thoughts. You can say I am someone who stays in her own zone, wears the most comfortable clothes with my hair tied in a bun, listens to songs on the rooftop, and eat lots of junk food. And, looks at the sky full of stars.

You've been interviewed many times. What's the one question you wished someone would have asked you, but never did?

There’s nothing I would say I want to be asked specifically, but I think it is always nice when someone asks me about the characters and roles that are close to my heart.

If you had to pick one drama that you could relive, because it had such an impact on you, which one would it be?

Nimra from Tootey Huwae Par because that drama was truly magical. The cast, the storyline, the entire experience is something that cannot be explained in words. If I could, I would definitely go back in time and relive my role in that drama because of the wonderful experience.

If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?

I’ve never thought of that as acting has always been my first choice and is something I always wanted to do; it is my passion. But yeah, I guess if I wasn’t acting my second choice would’ve definitely been event planning.

One ridiculous thing someone tricked you into doing or believing?

That if you skip over someone, they will stop growing. As a child I was always warned about this omen. It’s such a ridiculous superstition, but almost every desi has been tricked into believing it.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Lies and liars!!! I get so easily irritated by people who lie. Dishonesty is so distorted.

Which project was your steepest learning curve?

Pyaray Afzal. Working within such a professional environment and with some of the most refined actors and actresses; it was a great learning experience.

What did the 10-year-old Anoushay want to be as a grownup, and why?

I always wanted to be a botanist because of my unceasing love for plants. Plants are deceptively simple and unimportant, but humanity owes them everything. It is the world of complexity and intrigue hidden under their seemingly simple exterior that makes them so interesting, and the power that they have over life on Earth.

What sort of scripts will you be seeking in the future?

I don’t restrict myself when it comes to roles and dramas. If the script is powerful and so is my role, I go for it. Also, I love to try new things. I am really looking forward to explore the world of acting, so if something new comes up, I would definitely want to try it out.

One thing you are really passionate about?

Acting, of course. It is my entire life, what fuels my fire. Acting means a lot to me for so many reasons. One being that I feel like I am in my safe zone meaning that I am not being judged and that I'm good at what I do.

What’s the one thing you would like to be remembered by?

Firstly, I want people to remember me as an honest and a straightforward person. Secondly, just like every other actor, I want to be remembered for my performances, my roles and the legacy I will leave behind.