If you are one to crave Chinese cuisine every now and then, you can attest to the fact that nothing beats having piping-hot Beef Chilly Dry and Chowmein delivered for dinner, right at your doorstep. Xi Wang – literally translating to ‘your wish’ in English – specialises in catering delectable Chinese comfort-food with a wide variety spunked with spice for Pakistani taste buds which like it extra-hot! For a delivery-only set up, Xi Wang offers a vast menu, featuring an array of soups, chicken & beef specials, seafood galore and yummy soups and chop sueys! Mini review ahead – from the mains we tried out their Fried Chicken with sauce and Beef Chili. Scrumptious flavoured-batter fried chicken tossed in tangy sauce with a piquant spicy note and stir-fried veggies was an ultimate hit with us. Beef Chili too was a perfect balance of spices seasoned with the perfect-blend of sauces. As mentioned earlier, the entrees were high on spice but not as much to overpower the distinct flavour notes of Chinese cuisine. Honey Prawns became an unexpected hit too – yummy prawns dressed in honey and muted spices to woo away those who like seafood gravy. Would also recommend Dynamite Prawns as appetisers! What made the experience better? The orders were timely delivered and packaged just fine.