My eight year old has ADD and his school has asked me to hire a therapist for him. What’s the best course of action?

Having a therapist for your child is not a bad thing, but choose the therapist wisely. Make sure the therapist has a professional degree and is trained to be with children. Also, research about the therapist, find out from other people about their experiences with him/her.

I have trouble with math. I am in year 2 of O Levels and can’t shake the feeling that I won’t pass. Please help.

Having anxiety about math is a very common problem worldwide. All you need to do is relax and continuous practice from the past papers.

I’m scared of my boss and funny thing is he’s very friendly and approachable. How do I overcome my fear so that I can excel under his mentorship?

You should identify what behaviour of your boss scares you the most and then work on it. It could also be that you’re scared of him being so friendly. Give it sometime, identify the issues and then slowly start working on them.

Is it true that switching jobs every year or couple of years looks bad on the resume? I get bored and I feel like there’s a world out there to explore and learn from.

Switching jobs frequently can have professional repercussions but it also depends if you make the switch in the same field or not. It’s okay to switch jobs in a few years time because it is good to get exposure from different work places but not every few months.